Laser Hair Removal on Tanned or Sunburned Skin: What You Need to Know

When it comes to laser hair removal, there are certain considerations that must be taken into account when treating tanned or sunburned skin. Sunburned skin is a contraindication for laser hair removal and can increase the likelihood of irritations, burns, and complications. It is important to wait until the tan has had time to disappear before booking a treatment in order to get the best results. Immediately after the procedure, cold water, ice packs, or an anti-inflammatory cream may be applied to reduce any pain.Lasers are equipped with cooling sources, such as cryogenic aerosol, contact cooling, and air cooling, to avoid complications from laser heating.

Laser hair reduction has largely replaced more traditional hair removal methods and has achieved superior results with long-term hair reduction. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), thyroid dysfunction, adrenal hyperplasia, and hyperprolactinaemia can influence hair regrowth after laser hair reduction.It is important to avoid exercising and showering with hot water for at least 24 hours after laser removal in order to prevent infection or ingrown hair. If these conditions are not prevented within the first 24 hours after treatment, temporary strange-looking spots may appear on the skin due to the growth of bacteria.Lasers are used to remove unwanted hair from the face, legs, chin, back, arms, armpits, bikini line, and other areas. The wavelength of 1064 nm is directed at hair follicles that lie far below the surface of the skin, and the wavelength of 532 nm (unless frequency doubling is introduced into the laser design) penetrates the follicles closer to the surface of the skin.

Although laser hair reduction depends on several factors, performing these procedures requires a trained operator with in-depth knowledge of laser mechanisms, techniques, and potential complications.The alexandrite laser works at a wavelength of 755 nm and is ideal for attacking the melanin in the hair follicles of people with light to olive skin tones. The Ruby laser system has a long pause between laser pulses which helps to reduce discomfort and is less painful than other lasers.Chemical peels and other laser procedures on the face should be avoided for two weeks before and after laser treatment. Topical application of efornitine may be recommended as a combination laser therapy to promote hair reduction.

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